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We're Family Here.

At CARite we truly operate as one "Family" - It's the word we see most in our quarterly team member surveys.  These surveys are one of many ways we listen to those closest to the work as we strive to continuously make our business and culture better.

Join a culture where the people doing the work have the loudest voice.

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Our culture wins

Building & Evolving Together.

  • We built our culture together. How? By asking everyone at CARite what our values should be and by using that direct feedback as the foundation for who we are.
  • We evolve our culture together.  How? By soliciting feedback from our team members on an ongoing basis. We may not act on every single suggestion, but we will respond to every single one.
  • We fail and succeed as one family. When things go wrong, as they invariably do, we stick together. We know that innovation can't happen in an environment where honest mistakes aren't tolerated.

our core values

Bring D.R.I.V.E.

  • Determination: You offer solutions instead of complaints. You inspire others with your desire to succeed and your persistent work ethic. You passionately pursue our goals.
  • Respect: You practice ownership, self-awareness and gratitude. You deal with conflicts directly and timely. You listen to and sincerely support those around you.
  • Integrity: You demonstrate honesty without compromise. You communicate clearly, truthfully, pro-actively and transparently. You admit mistakes.
  • Vision: You understand our primary goal to build a valuable business. You live our values and call out inconsistent behaviors. You are fiercely protective of our brand.
  • Empathy: You show genuine interest in the well-being and success of team members and customers. You understand that every interaction matters. You listen first.
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