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I give them a 3 out of 5 for now because I'm in a great car but didn't tell me all the issues it have yet alone haven't fixed any problems that actually need to be fixed for someone to only have a vehicle for not even a month yet. Amanda have been working with me so far but the car needs work on before it can even be reliable. Love the car but need work done on it that shouldn't be happening for someone that just got a 2013 vehicle. Once things get settled I will happily give them a 5 star. But for now it's a 3.....

I have to said that these guys right there help me a lot, who can imagine that a person like me with a bad credit like mine can buy a cadillac with very low mileage and monthly payment like i have a good credit ... THANK YOU GUYS

I can't brag enough on the service I got at Carite. Mr Gonzales treated me very well. I'm really please with the purchase of my 2018 Dodge Journey. I love it and so does my 17 year old granddaughter. Thanks guys. This is is second purchase from Carite. In 2018 I bought a 2013 Dodge Dart. That was another great deal from Carite.

I had great experience here with Kimberly the internet manager and Darrin a salesperson helped me on yesterday and today he was a nice guy. Wesley was my salesman that finished the deal he really made it happened for me because i was gonna leave but he put in work to get it done.

Wes is really the best....I was turned down at four car lots before my friend told me about Wesley..I love you and thank you so much for getting me approved in my 2017 Honda Accord.. you are amazing

Excellent service very professional and personable.

Very understanding and patient people! Loved the service!

OMG Justin worked so hard to get me what I wanted. I almost gave up on getting a car but Justin and the guys at Carite Redford hooked me up. I love my Jetta thanks.

Thankyou so much Joe and Dan you both have been amazing dealing with me and helping me transition back into a SUV. After a total loss a few months ago I’m happy to be getting close to were I started. Can’t wait to do more business with you all. Much appreciated

I was happy to be able to get a car and I have to thank Angelo.. for helping me. I would recommend anyone to get a car at CARite.. the workers are very helpful.. I only had my car for about 3 weeks.. and I love it.. I give CARite 5 stars up..