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We are located on 14 Mile Rd between John R Rd and I-75. Our dealership is located right across from Oakland Mall.  Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, our team is ready to help you find a great used car that meets your budget. We sell all makes and models, with great late-model low-mileage selections from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep and other brands. Whether you are looking for a used minivan, crossover, convertible, truck, suv or sedan, our team will help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. You can buy or lease your next car.  We also have a great service department as well to help you with your next oil change, tire rotation and more. Visit me and our team at CARite of Madison Heights today and see why "Yes Means More" here!

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The manager of this store is John Tomasek.  John has been with CARite since 2012 and is the proud store leader of the Madison Heights team.  John has extensive experience in used car sales, financing and service management. John and his team are ready to help you finance your next car with a great car loan or used car lease. Read the location reviews or stop by to see for yourself why this location enjoys so much repeat business and a great local reputation. 


Our purpose is to provide better cars, a better experience and peace of mind to all CARite customers, regardless of their credit history. With a wide selection of vehicles, haggle-free pricing and multiple financing options available at each location, customers can shop with true peace of mind. In addition to operating Company-owned stores, CARite also offers select independently owned dealerships the opportunity to partner with them under the CARite brand. CARite was founded by industry veteran Don Foss in 2011.

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Through CARite stores, customers enjoy better cars, a better buying experience, and peace of mind with every purchase. In addition, our prices are highly competitive with a focus on providing you with true value. No traditional salespeople. Zero haggling. Great dealerships. Awesome products.We could go on... Bottom line: We're not here to sell you anything, we're just here to help you buy a Better Car! Visit your nearest CARite dealership to see for yourself. We've been impressing customers since 2011!

I got what I ask for - great service - a nicer newer and dependable car - thank you John at Madison Heights Carite -see you agAin -September/2019

I had a car with brite financial (2010 Toyota Corolla). I was in the 48 month lease. Approaching the end of the lease brite contacted me saying I can return the car back at the end of the lease or opt to buy. I chose to return the car to the Madison heights location on 4/15/19. I signed off on the car saying I don’t owe ANYTHING because I returned it. I made on time payments on the car for 4 years straight. They said they automatically take out unnecessary $450 for cleaning the car and getting it ready for the next customer. And they’ll send me back my deposit after. On May 12, 2019 I get an alert from my credit score saying my score has dropped 60 points due to BRITE. How.? I returned the car at the end of my lease, signed off on it. Called brite and they tell me I have to wait on the auction. That has nothing to do with me. It’s on my credit report saying I owe $4800. I didn’t opt to buy the car out, I returned it. I’m furious. Brite financial gave me the run away, not trying to answer my question about the car being on my report saying I owe on it. I will be contacting my lawyer how what i should do next because this is unfair. I want this matter resolved because no one should have to go through this for a car they don’t even have. It’s not like it was in repossession, no I paid my lease off and returned it

Good quality cars

Haaz was the best person I have ever delt with he was willing to go out of his way to make sure I was happy and dident mind staying after the office was close to make sure I was content with the decision of my car I would highly and proudly recommend this amazing worker

Hasnat khan is a awesome salesman..

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I have been to 3 dealerships. I had no credit score and I cannot believe how Roland was able to help me so quickly. Not only was he able to get me financed, he was able to finance my dream car! I recommend Roland and the Madison Heights Carite to anyone!

I have been to 3 dealerships. I had no credit score and I cannot believe how Roland was able to help me so quickly. Not only was he able to get me financed, he was able to finance my dream car! I recommend Roland and the Madison Heights Carite to anyone!

Very pleased with this place. They got me a great car for an amazing price... Ask for Roland he's the best

Got a car✌

Haznat Khan and John Tomasek you’re the BEST!!! You are a genuine salesman that really care about your customers needs I really appreciate how you both went above and beyond to get me the car I wanted, I am a very satisfied customer Thank you both for all you have done... I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends Thanks again JP