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CARite of connecticut


(855) 424-8686

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
Sunday: Closed


(860) 386-6714

Monday - Friday: 08:30 am to 05:00 pm
Sunday: Closed
Saturday: Closed

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This store is located on North St. East of Ella Grasso Turnpike.

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The manager at this location is Dave Pelis.


Our purpose is to provide better cars, a better experience and peace of mind to all CARite customers, regardless of their credit history. With a wide selection of vehicles, haggle-free pricing and multiple financing options available at each location, customers can shop with true peace of mind. In addition to operating Company-owned stores, CARite also offers select independently owned dealerships the opportunity to partner with them under the CARite brand. CARite was founded by industry veteran Don Foss in 2011.


Through CARite stores, customers enjoy better cars, a better buying experience, and peace of mind with every purchase. In addition, our prices are highly competitive with a focus on providing you with true value. No traditional salespeople. Zero haggling. Great dealerships. Awesome products.We could go on... Bottom line: We're not here to sell you anything, we're just here to help you buy a Better Car! Visit your nearest CARite dealership to see for yourself. Impressing customers since 2011!

Very good to deal with great service

I worked with Anita who did an outstanding job. She was very thorough, knew the available inventory, superb customer service, and introduced me to some of the team she works with. What a great place to work for. Very friendly and helpful atmosphere. Definitely will refer others. I give you 5 ? stars. ?

Anita and Victor have great customer service skills Facility is great great snacks place clean ,Everyone that works their makes you feel wanted and smiling best car place I been to

I just bought a Nissan rogue and I am so happy with it . and the customer service of Anita and Tiffany were above and beyond . They were very helpful and the whole experience was very good. I would recommend them to my friends .

Anita was excellent. She was very helpful, no pressure at all. I got a great car that I am very happy with. Really easy process.

Best car shopping experience I’ve ever had. Anita and all the staff were a great help to me. After I purchased the car I realized there was a rattle underneath the car. I called, they had me come in the next day to look at it and they were able to fix it right there.

I saw the other reviews and was apprehensive however I can say without reservations that Anita, Manny, and Jenn made the experience pleasant. The price of the vehicle was more than fair, they were upfront on all conditions, and even were accommodating as I walked in at 5:50 pm when they close 6 pm. I'd come back and work with Anita and Manny anytime.

I saw the other reviews and was apprehensive however I can say without reservations that Anita, Manny, and Jenn made the experience pleasant. The price of the vehicle was more than fair, they were upfront on all conditions, and even were accommodating as I walked in at 5:50 pm when they close 6 pm. I'd come back and work with Anita and Manny anytime.

I I just bought my 1st car at Carite. No hassle sales people, no pressure, just ask to test drive a car and you are good to go. Anita, and other sales people (when Anita had time off) was an awesome help. I bought a Camry. It was not the car I came in to look at but I test drove and liked it. I am getting about 39 miles to the gallon. (mostly highway). I actually had an issue after I bought it. It was over a month. The windshield washer didn’t work. Anita said bring it in and it was fixed. Great dealership, great sales folks. They stand by behind the cars they sell!

Hi! I mostly loved my experience through Carite! I worked with Anita who was awesome. She helped me from the second I got in the building to the second I left with my car and it felt like I had someone personally involved making sure I was in the best car for me that I could find. She asked people if I had questions and she couldn't answer them to make sure I had answers right away and made sure I really tested the car and everything! I love her! It's been a little over a week since my car was totaled and I had been through so much already with crappy car dealerships and hidden fees, it was so nice knowing I was getting a good deal on a great car and that I was not going to be lied to every step of the way. Anita is 100% responsible for that. She was the first person who didn't make me want to pull my hair out that I had dealt with all week, I think. However, there were some annoying things about Carite. One, no holds. It worked out for me, but I was really nervous because I was doing field work for my grad school program and would have been really frustrated if that had prevented me from getting the car I wanted. But, that's a small thing because it worked out! The others were a little more frustrating. The financial person who did my financing and everything was a little too pushy about the warranty options. It came off as a little sexist. He really did a nice job for the most part and I know it is his job to sell those and that he is new to Carite, but at one point he said something like "I just can't believe a smart girl like you isn't going to turn away from..." and I just cringed. I am not a girl, I am an adult and it just felt a little belittling to be spoken to like that. I get trying to sell those (I worked retail for a LONG time) but I felt like he pushed too far. I picked up my car yesterday and that did not go as smoothly. The first issue was that I made an appointment to pick it up at 2 pm and I didn't actually get in the car to leave until almost 3:30. Apparently, even though they had my car for more than five days, they had waited until the last moment to detail it so the seats were soaking wet. They weren't even dry at 3:30, they just put plastic down to prevent me from getting wet driving it home. The cleaning smell gave me a headache by the time I got back to my house! I really appreciate them cleaning everything and it does look beautiful, and I am also sure that this wasn't typical (Anita even seemed upset, which I appreciated!), but it was really frustrating. I would have at least appreciated a call if they needed more time because I didn't expect to have to wait nearly 2 hours (I got there earlier than my appointment because I had a rental car I needed to return and didn't know how long it would take to do so). Lastly, and I don't know if this is typical or not, but my car was given to me on E. Like, no gas. Like, gliding to the nearest gas station hoping I don't run out of gas a mile from Carite, no gas. Like I said, I don't know if this is typical. I have only purchased one car from a dealership before this one, but there was at least half a tank when that one was given to me. I definitely didn't have to immediately stop to get gas. The weird thing is that when I test drove this car immediately before buying it on Thursday, the car had at least a quarter tank, so it almost seemed like they purposefully gave me no gas. Either way, it would have been nice to have at least a quarter tank, if not half or full, to drive home on. It was a little nerve-wracking seeing that low gas indicator light on the second I got in and realizing I had to deal with that immediately. Other than these things, Carite was a good place to get the car.

Excellent selection of vehicles. All cars are open to sit in and check out. I test drove 3 cars before I made my choice. There facility is excellent and is stocked with beverages and snacks. The opertinites I would suggest is that they need more finicial consultants. I waited over an hour to get my credit payment option. The other bummer thing is they do not except debit or credit. I’m not sure if this is the norm when it comes to buying cars but it was an inconvenience as I had to leave and go to the bank 15 min away. Over all experience was above average. The car is great so far. Going on one week!

We had a great experience at Carite in Windsor Locks, CT. Both Anita and Manny were very helpful and easy to work with through the process. All of the staff we met were nice and seemed to work together as a team. They have things pretty streamlined and we are really pleased with the quality of the car and the deal we got on it.

We received awesome customer service in Windsor, Ct from Ashley and Manny and are very happy with our new (used) car. The only complaint I have is that there wasn't even enough gas in the car to get from CaRite to our home in Chicopee, MA. The gas light came on 3/4 of the way there. Seems like when you are spending that much money the least that could be done is to leave with a full tank. Perhaps just an oversight?! Also need to go back to have a burn hole in the back seat taken care of which we hope to have done next week. Love the concept of no sales commission and appreciated the friendliness of everyone, Stephanie and many others. Also loved the quantity of cars available to wander through the lot and see.

By far one of the best purchasing experiences I have had in 35 years. Anita and Ashly were awsome. The vehicle selection was huge and the quality of the car was above expectations. On top of that is was one of the best prices I have seen on this model and year. If your looking for a car, definitely check them out!!!!

Stephanie Luth greeted us and walked us through the process. We had bought a great car here two years go and after doing a good deal of research, decided to come back to find a replacement car. Same friendly, no-pressure service - we know what we want and what we don't want. If you know what to look for, you can find an excellent deal here - and we found another one. Thanks Stephanie!

We were looking for a lightly used car and found what we wanted at Carite in Windsor Locks CT. It had the Carfax reports we wanted and the prices were very good. All the prices are "No Haggle- No Pressure" and the cars on the lot were all open for anyone to sit in. The people were friendly and helpful (especially Anita & Michelle). I will very likely be back for my next car purchase because I like they way they do business and the low prices. I'd recommend this dealer to anyone.

I have taken two vehicles from Carrite Windsor Locks and I must say that their service is excellent. Overall I had a wonderful experience. Special thanks to Joe

I accompanied my son who was in the market for another car. We looked at many websites but Carite had the most late model vehicles with the best prices. Anita Howard was wonderful throughout the entire process and so accommodating. She truly cared about our buying experience. When I am ready to buy my next vehicle, there is no doubt I will be going back to Carite and buying from Anita.